Guru Ve on WCIU-TV, The U

Don’t miss the “You and Me This Morning” TV show on WCIU, The U. I know its hard to believe a golf pro and seasoned hoopster is good enough for TV, but I convinced them (and they believed me) that the ancient practice of standing meditation can make you healthier. These are short segments demonstrating easy to learn and very powerful Chinese Standing Yoga moving meditations. Asian Proverb “sitting meditation is known to bring enlightenment, but moving meditation is a million times better”; One demonstration runs each morning for six weeks.

More details:

Where: Channel 26, The “U” (WCIU) (if you are a Bulls or Hawks fan you are familiar with this station).
Segment: Health Tips by Guru Ve, Featuring Tony Castelluccio

When: Monday-Friday 6-8am February 10th – Friday, March 21st
MONDAY – Offer the Peach of Longevity

TUESDAY – Jade Phoenix Rising

WEDNESDAY – Shake the Emperors Carpet

THURSDAY – Polishing the Heart

FRIDAY – Morning Energy

Business Opportunity: Promote Self Healing and Make “Holy Cash”

This is a unique opportunity for anyone to do heavenly work here on earth.  Whether you know the healing arts or not, you know they are good for us, and Lord knows we need them here in the states.   “Guru Ve” is an an interactive web book with over five hours of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu instruction with the worlds most respected teachers. Each participant will earn 80% of the sale proceeds. Now we can improve each other’s Mental, Physical, and Spiritual health and make “holy cash” (cash made from helping others). We are certain that spreading these gifts from holy men and women can contribute to a world healing effort.    e-mail for more details.