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Story Ideas:

  • For clear and non-destructive thinking all day, learn 7
    simple timing tricks borrowed from Holymen to start
    the healing.
    See a demonstration of a daily routine that can bring
    focus & peace to your day.
  • Revitalize yourself and get rid of the rust. Learn easy to remember
    circular movements to improve your health & body vitality.
  • The million dollar secret of China—Standing Energy
    (The root of all eastern healing arts.)
  • Could the union of Holymen create World Peace? Mental
    God-self technology = Religion; Physical God-Self technology =
    Healing Arts. (Description of the importance of religion & the healing
    arts, spiritual comprehension & unity; & America igniting the Circle
    of World Wisdom.)
  • Improve timing in yourself to enhance your golf game.
    Learn the Sun Salutation (the root of Sun Moon Yoga or Hatha Yoga)
    as described by a scratch golfer & Chicagoland’s “Player of the Year.”
  • Learn how the amazing accomplishment of a 5th grade
    girl can inspire you to meditate.
    Download a progressive
    mix of the world’s most famous physical God-Self technology

“I did breathing exercises and
had the best volleyball game ever:
9 ace serves in a row to
win the match. It’s Guru Ve!”

Lisi R. – 5th Grader,
St. Mary School, Riverside, IL