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Every one Please Know, Jesus was a Yogi. Isn’t it so” — This spiritual message gratefully brought to me and confirmed by many sacred events is a game changing, world changing phenomenon that can help the world make the conscious shift that is so needed. “All problems can be solved by removing ignorance.” This T-shirt is a Giant step for revealing a truth that has been misunderstood for 2000 years. Learn more about the meaning of the T-shirt below:As many know and best described in the documentary “Jesus of India” (a Paul David’s Film), there is much evidence that Jesus spent his 17 Years (years between 12 and the ministry) though out India, Tibet and many other countries studying with Buddhists, Hindus, and Yogis like all luminaries that have ever lived. The Bible and other Christian literature offers very little to acknowledge or explain this part of Jesus’ life. If these 17 years of Jesus’s life and his travels to India and many other countries were revealed, supported or at minimum at least acknowledged by our Christian leaders, a most powerful shift in world consciousness will occur —- unity of religions, enhanced acceptance and practice of yogic traditions, improved life and health for many. Let me ask you — Would Christian’s be more likely to learn, practice and reap the benefits of yoga if they knew Jesus did? Einstein said “if it wasn’t for India I could not have done a single equation” Most science and math came from India, now its time to learn the “Self Knowledge” the east has to offer.

Of recent significant is the “Snowy Owl” and its appearance on the day I met with the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago. The “Snowy Owl” in Native American studies is known for its power of prophecy and sense of timing. The immense significance in the birth of the “White Buffalo” in 1994 in Janesville, Wisconsin, the year of the beginning of GuruVe and the transmission of the message. The “White Buffalo” is known for manifesting abundance through right action and right prayer. It is estimated that a White Buffalo occurs in 1 and 10 million births. It also appeared in 1933 and was said to be a sign of hope much needed during the great depression. See Ted Andrews “Animal Speak” and other publications to learn the amazing significance of our animal friends.

Get the power of the NIU men’s Golf team just used to break most every record in university history in less than two months and only the 2nd tournament of the season. Connect to the energy, help us remove ignorance, while you gain power, just order and wear the GuruVe T-shirt. Fee charged is only necessary to cover shipping and production costs and donate $2 to One Drop. Click attached link for more details.

DVD – Mindfulness with Guru NischanThis DVD includes a Kundalini class taped at the Sat Nam Yoga Studio in Chicago and includes over 80 minutes of class. Hope you enjoy the experience!

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